Russia’s Mortality From Vices On The Decline

Via – RussiaWatchersSometimes a single picture is worth a thousand words. This is one. Though Russia remains a highly dangerous country by developed country standards, it has improved immeasurably in the past decade.Via

Why Golos’ Own Figures Support Only 3%-6% Fraud

Via – RussiaWatchersSince yesterday, the following image from an article by liberal journalist Evgenya Albats has been making the rounds on the Internet. It shows that whereas Putin’s official tally was 65%, independent observers put it close to or … Continued

How Gogol* Explains the Post-Soviet World

Twenty years ago, 15 new states emerged from the wreck of the Soviet Union, uneven shards from a broken monolith. One story turned into 15. Most Soviet watchers have been struggling to keep up ever since. How to tell these … Continued

How credible is the Putin assassination plot?

I am sorry – I simply don’t believe it. This morning, February 27, Russian media reported that Ukrainian and Russian security services had foiled an assassination plot to kill Prime Minister Vladimir Putin shortly after the presidential election due this … Continued

Image slideshow: Chechnya: From the inside

Shattered cement and ghostly streets in the Chechen city of Grozny have been replaced by glitzy shops, soccer stadiums and reduced violence….Via

Russia Blog: Putin: The People’s Choice?

Sober analysts state unhesitatingly that, with an opposition like Russia has today, Putin as the leading candidate in the March presidential election has little to fear, and that any hopes for an “orange” or Arab-type revolution are sheer wishful thinking … Continued

Russia’s Demography: Reversal Of The “Russian Cross”

Last year our country’s population increased, for the first time in 20 years. Although positive growth in aggregate was only enabled by immigration from the Near Abroad, existing trends in rising fertility and falling mortality were maintained.Via

Occupy Lermontov!

Yesterday, the town of Lermontov (located in Russia’s North Caucasus) experienced what some are calling “a small revolution.” As the state municipal building was preparing to close for the evening, a collection of townsfolk and former members of the city … Continued

Russian bonds break new ground

February 1 wasn’t planned out as a special day for Russia’s capital markets. But at 11:00am on an ordinary, frosty Wednesday morning, officials at the Ministry of Finance kicked off the auction of government bonds that are the culmination of … Continued

Putin and Elites

When supporters of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin argue that there is “no alternative to Putin” in the upcoming presidential election, what they have in mind is not the obvious weakness of four ……Via

Being Strong – By Vladimir Putin

“We see ever new regional and local wars breaking out. We see new areas of instability and deliberately managed chaos. There also are attempts to provoke such conflicts even close to Russia’s and its allies’ borders. The basic principles of … Continued

Advisor: Kudrin Better for Russsian Primier

An adviser to Dmitry Medvedev said the outgoing Russian president should abandon plans to become premier and make way for the man he fired last year as finance minister, Alexei Kudrin, who would do a better job….Via

Valery Zorkin’s State and Revolution

William Partlett discusses Russian President Medvedev’s appointment of Valery Zorkin to an additional six-year term as chairman of the Constitutional Court.Via