Alex Mercouris On Russian Journalists

See on – RussiaWatchers – RU I have spent the last few days working through the websites of the Committee for the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) and of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). I have read through their … Continued

Q&A with Tina Kandelaki

See on – RussiaWatchers Tina Kandelaki is a Russian journalist, a TV celebrity and producer, a widely read blogger, and — more recently — a visible presence in Russian politics. See on

Russia’s new Interior Minister: Vladimir Kolokoltsev

See on – RussiaWatchers Assessment: Kolokoltsev is a career cop with a reputation for being an effective investigator (of the ‘brute force’ rather than ‘inspired’ variety — by which I mean not a propensity to use violence so much … Continued

“I’m certifiably nuts. But Russia made me that way”

See on – RussiaWatchers Investigating striking emails of Stratfor’s Senior Eurasia analyst and former Director of Analysis Lauren Goodrich. Who shapes Stratfor reports and U.S. foreign policy – “the darling of a powerful man in the Kremlin” or a … Continued

The make-up of the new Russian government

See on – RussiaWatchers The new organisational structure of the government will likely be announced within two to three days of the formal appointment of Medvedev as PM. Ministerial appointments, according to Vedomosti, will happen in steps in the … Continued

Collapse as Crucible: The Reforging of Russian Society

See on – RussiaWatchers What follows is a preliminary attempt to map the changing shape of Russian society in the last two decades, the better to understand its present condition, and its likely future trajectories. One of the fundamental … Continued

Nashi is Dead! Long Live . . . ?

Via – RussiaWatchers On Friday, dropped a bomb concerning the future of Nashi, the Putinphiliac youth organization. According to unnamed sources, Vasilii Yakemenko, Nashi founder and soon to be outgoing head of Rosmolodezh, met with Nashi’s four Commissars, … Continued

Four Russias: rethinking the post-Soviet map | openDemocracy

Via – RussiaWatchers ussia has traditionally been conceptualised as a single entity, albeit divided into many regions, but is this approach appropriate given the country’s stratified population? Natalia Zubarevich argues that for a better understanding of Russia and where … Continued

The Death Of The Tandem: The Backstory

Via – RussiaWatchers Former Kremlin spin doctor Gleb Pavlovsky has been talking a lot lately about what really happened between Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Via

Putin’s Regime Won’t End Without an Opposing Vision

Via – RussiaWatchers Vladimir Putin’s return to the Russian presidency represents much more than a setback for the country’s protest movement. It is a major defeat. Via

Putin picks Rosneft man for energy post

Via – RussiaWatchers MOSCOW (Reuters) – Vladimir Putin on Thursday made his first energy appointment since his re-election as Russian president, naming Rosneft first vice president Pavel Fedorov a deputy energy minister. Via

Return on Investment

Via – RussiaWatchers What will the U.S. government reap from the money it is now sowing into a fund to promote democracy in Russia? Via

Best of the Bric bunch – BUSINESS NEW EUROPE

Via – RussiaWatchers Since Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs introduced the idea of the Brics in 2001, there has been an ongoing debate over which of Brazil, Russia, India and China is the best one to invest in. China’s … Continued

Street art with an intelligent face

Via – RussiaWatchers Pavel 183 may not be the Russian Banksy, but something more critical and philosophical. Via

The way forward for Russia’s opposition | openDemocracy

Via – RussiaWatchersThe protest movement didn’t achieve its ultimate goal at Sunday’s presidential elections, but Yuri Saprykin, a prominent member of the protest movement, believes it has already achieved a lot and its best work lies ahead. Here he … Continued

Putin Opponents Pick Up Moscow District Council Seats

Via – RussiaWatchersInspired by protests against President Vladimir V. Putin, hundreds of young Muscovites ran for the first time in municipal elections. To the shock of many, dozens won.Via

A self-promoted candidate won municipal elections

Via – RussiaWatchersFor those Russians who had hoped that the March 4 presidential election would bring about a change in Russian politics, spirits were low on March 5 – but Max Katz is instead celebrating his victory.Via