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Boyars on the move


I have often stated that I do not support Vladimir Putin’s third term as president of Russia. The reasons are that state-building in Russia has now reached a reasonable level (not as efficient as in some other countries but certainly not as bad as in Yemen or complete absent like in Iraq) and that Russia’s economy has recovered enough now to an extene that it is time for a new vision, new people and new policies. Naturally, it is obvious that Putin has the support of the majority of the people but sometimes in politics you do not need to do what you think is good but what is good for the country.

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‘Russia is a country that no matter what you say about it, it is true.’ These words were written in 1926 by US aviator, world traveller and Hollywood actor Will Rogers. Rogers had heard much about Russia, from the foreign policy community in the United States, from the emigres he had met in Paris, in short Russia’s image in the world in 1930’s. Still, none of the stories he heard and articles he had read before his trip came close to describing that what he saw with his own eyes, flying a small plane into Russia.

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The Litvinenko murder


On April 1 the British Telegraph published an article about a contract hit that was allegedly being prepared on one of the leaders of the Chechen separatists Akhmed Zakayev ( the Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (ChRI), a government in exile, JM). The source: MI5. Zakayev currently lives in Great Britain and has strong ties to Boris Berezovsky, a well-known master of provocations. In the mean time, the hearings in London about the killing of former FSB officer Alexandr Litvinenko are to be resumed, notably at the moment when seven years later the Polonium and its chemical traces have completely disappeared. What’s more, close relatives of Litvinenko, his father and brother are not allowed to partake in the hearings. Today they will disclose details that will completely overturn the so called Litvenenko murder.

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